Russian businessman offered cryptcurrency mining on fitness simulators

The Moscow businessman suggested the authorities make money on the crypto currency – the farms can be connected to sports simulators, and the proceeds can be used to develop children’s sports.

The general director of the company Cryptocean, Yuri Myshinsky, sent a letter to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, with a proposal to earn money. According to the idea of ​​a businessman, in the Russian fitness rooms it is possible to install mining farms, connecting them to simulators. In this case, visitors will not only burn excess calories, but also create a CRON crypto currency. The proceeds can be spent on the development of children’s and youth sports.

According to Myshinsky, he already tested the system in the building of the public movement “VeloMytischi”, and within three days managed to get 10 thousand “Crons”, which is equivalent to 7 thousand rubles.

– Very soon in our country the legendary tournament – World Cup – 2018 will take place. In this regard, we propose obliging Moscow fitness clubs to install special simulators that will mine the CRON crypto currency. The entire currency, which will be mined as a result, will go to the Fund for the development of youth football, – said in an appeal to the mayor.



Nevertheless, experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, have doubted the feasibility of this project. Some experts reminded that in Russia there is still no clear legislative base for regulating crypto-currencies, including ICO, while others indicated that the idea would rather advertise a specific currency, rather than provide the flow of money to the sport. Source:

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