Russian investors will not demand a refund due to postponement of TON launch

Today investors in the Telegram blockchain project must decide whether they agree to postpone the launch of the TON platform and Gram cryptocurrency to April 2020 or want to return 77% of the amount invested. The company made such an offer after claims by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which secured a temporary injunction to sell Gram.

Seven out of nine Russian investors surveyed by Forbes said they did not plan to demand a return on investment. Some of them are optimistic. Another interlocutor said that he did not believe in the project, but would not ask for money back – “I will think about how to go to zero” – he explained.

One partner from the investment funds through which Telegram raised money, believes that Russian investors are unlikely to demand a refund, but changes can occur in the US market.

On October 21, 2019, Telegram told investors that the company court hearings are scheduled for February 18-19. In court, Telegram will insist that Gram is not a security. Recognizing Gram as a security and disclosing business information requires the SEC.


Telegram began to attract financing through the sale of tokens in January 2018. According to the SEC, 171 investors bought tokens, including 39 from the United States. In total, the company managed to raise $ 1.7 billion. Investments in TON were publicly discussed, including Qiwi co-founder Sergey Solonin.

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