Samsung continues to support Crypto with the new flagship smartphone

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the Korean technology giant announced that the smartphone’s security system includes a new “secure processor designed to protect Blockchain PIN, password, pattern and secret key.”

Despite the fact that Samsung has significantly expanded the capabilities of the S20 in terms of increasing battery life and capturing images, a link to private keys suggests that the new Samsung model will still have the same cryptocurrency storage facilities as in previous models.

Private key cryptocurrency vault will be standardly available across the entire S20 range.

Samsung first added cryptocurrency support in March 2018, when it integrated the crypto wallet into its Galaxy S10 model. In July, the company introduced a development kit that allowed third parties to create custom-designed phone apps. One of these applications allowed users to pay for goods and services in stored cryptocurrencies by scanning the seller’s QR code.

During the time of release, the wallet has been primarily harmonious with ethereum and additionally ER-20 tokens, however , Samsung increased service for BTC in Sept plus activated TRON subsequently in Oct. of that year.


Although initially it was exclusive to the S10 line, in May the company announced that it wanted to “lower barriers” and add cryptocurrency support for some of its more budget models. The S20 line is expected to go on sale March 6th.

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