Samsung integrates AMD graphics into smartphones

The world’s largest smartphone maker and one of the leading suppliers of semiconductors, Samsung, announced a partnership with the developer of processors and graphics accelerators AMD. The cooperation of the two companies can bring the graphics in mobile games to a new level.

The partnership is as follows: Samsung licenses AMD Radeon-based graphics processing solutions and will use them in its on-chip systems for mobile devices, including smartphones.

In recent years, the Samsung Exynos single-chip mobile processors have used the design of the Mali graphics accelerators developed by ARM. The flagship smartphones of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines with Exynos usually showed not as high performance in games as their Qualcomm chips sold in the United States, China and several other countries.


The market has rated the news as positive for AMD, with which the partnership with Samsung will enable it to enter a new market segment: since the start of trading, the company’s shares have risen by more than 6% since the writing of this material.

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