Samsung users will be able to trade cryptocurrency on the Gemini exchange

The partnership agreement was concluded by Samsung and the Gemini cryptocurrencies exchange, the Gemini press service said on May 28th on the exchange’s official Twitter page.

According to the press service of the exchange, the Gemini Mobile App will be the first cryptocurrency exchange application that will work with the Samsung blockchain wallet in the United States and Canada.

Users of Samsung devices with blockchain wallet support will be able to trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Over 4 million users from the USA and Canada will be able to take advantage of the new opportunity and sell cryptocurrency using their smartphone.

Recall that Samsung smartphones of the Galaxy S20 generation have the opportunity to store cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 standard tokens (Ethereum-based tokens – approx. IA Red Spring). According to the South Korean manufacturer, they introduced a processor in smartphones that can work with private keys from blockchain wallets.


Samsung launched the Blockchain Keystore cryptocurrency storage application on the market in early 2019. The program is currently available to Samsung users in the United States, Canada, South Korea, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria and the Nordic countries.

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