ShapeShift will add Facebook cryptocurrency to the crypto exchange after the official launch

Participants in the cryptocurrencies community continue to discuss new crypto project called Libra – announced by the social network Facebook, and evaluate its capabilities in the digital asset market. Erik Voorhees head of the crypto-exchange of ShapeShift, also voiced his opinion on this issue.

So, he noted that before making any conclusions, you need to wait for the official launch of the asset and observe how it will show itself in the market. However, now Erik Voorhees expressed his willingness to add a new asset to his trading platform.

“It is based on the idea of ​​decentralization, but with a real start-up everything can be very different from the original plans. Let’s see how the cryptocurrency will be used. For example, would you need permission to integrate Libra into your projects? Libra is not running yet, but I will gladly add it to ShapeShift after launch.


The most interesting thing about this cryptocurrency is the rules on which it is based” – the head of the crypto exchange said. At the same time, Erik Voorhees believes that the Facebook crypto project will attract the attention of not only investors, but also ordinary users to digital assets and their use as means of payment, as well as an alternative to national currencies.

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