Shrimps and kittens from the internet threaten to crash the cryptocurrency Ethereum

The existence of Ethereum cryptocurrency was threatened due to the fact that Ether Shrimp Farm and Cryptokitties are gaining popularity on the net.

Specialists pay attention that there was a collapse threat of the second-largest after the Bitcoin cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is due to the growing popularity of decentralized applications Ether Cartel, Ether Shrimp Farm and Cryptokitties.

In the first two games, users have to produce shrimp or drugs to later exchange them for cryptocurrency. The goal of the last application is to get crypto-kittens. It is noted that in the first week after the launch, this game took 11% of transactions, reports “FederalPress”.

ethereum coinIt is emphasized that Ether Cartel and Ether Shrimp Farm operate on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and create an unnecessary additional load on the network, Newinform reports.

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