Sought by Collectors Everywhere: The Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Canadian gold mines are responsible for one of the most highly prized of all gold coins: the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. This coin has been a major collectors’ item since the late 1970s. Of course the Canadian mining industry predates 1970 by a long shot. It was during the ’70s, however, that coin collectors first stood up and took notice of Canada’s booming mining industry. And one of the things that spearheaded this notice was the introduction in 1970 of the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin.

Why did this special coin give such a tremendous boost to the Canadian mining industry? It is because it contains such a high level of bullion. The purity of the gold in the Canadian coin is so high that it has become one of the most highly coveted bullion coins anywhere in the world – almost 100%

Now if you are not a coin expert, that’s okay. Just understand that that level of purity makes the Maple Leaf one of the purest gold coins in the world; in fact the gold content is the equivalent of 24 carats! All of this means that the Canadian Maple Leaf has virtually no base metals in its mixture. For all practical purposes, the coin is made of 100% pure gold!

No wonder that the gold mining industry has become such an important part of the Canadian economy. When the gold Maple Leafs were introduced in the late 1970s, collectors immediately started buying them up. Back in 1979 and early 1980 the only other available gold coin was the famous South African Krugerrand. This coin, however, was not made available for sale in many Western countries. Why? It was due to South Africa’s policy of apartheid that triggered boycotts of South African products and economic sanctions against the South African government.

Today Canadian gold mines are supplying all of the gold that is used in the minting of several sizes of the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins. The coin is available anywhere from once ounce denominations all the way down to 1/20 of an ounce.

Actually, the Royal Canadian government even sanctioned a $1,000,000 gold Maple Leaf coin! This gold coin was basically produced as a way to increase publicity for the gold mining industry. However, the coin became a huge hit among many heavy-hitting coin and gold collectors. As a result, the Canadian government has promised to produce as many of the million dollar coins as collectors want.

In conclusion, the history of the Canadian mining industry today is closely linked to the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. Again, all the credit goes to the level of purity in these beautiful coins, and to the quality and quantity of the gold being mined in Canada today. Without this special coin very few people, outside of serious collectors, would even be aware that Canada has a gold mining industry. With the coin, however, Canada has become world renown for producing one of the world’s most treasured bullion coins. Perhaps you are ready to purchase your own $1 million dollar Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin!

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