Square Enix will offer NFT games and the metaverse this year

Square Enix published a New Year message from the president of the company, Yosuki Matsuda, in which he spoke about plans for development and future products. According to him, the players are waiting for cloud technologies, blockchain, NFT and the metaverse.

Matsuda noted that games with blockchain technology are able to grow on their own thanks to the economy that is built on NFT. With the introduction of tokens, users will have more motivation and ways to interact with content. As an example, the president of Square Enix sees the concept of “play to make money.”

The NFT economy will allow users to create content and earn money, which will make the process more immersive, Matsuda said. The President believes that this motivation will attract a new audience that wants to “contribute” to the development of games.

Matsuda also highlighted other trends in 2021, including cloud technology, artificial intelligence and the metaverse. Square Enix is ​​looking into game streaming and cloud content development to offer players new forms of entertainment. The company also opened a new division to develop “entertainment AI” and offer it to partners.

These technologies and services fall within the metaverse, which will begin offering new products this year, Matsuda says. The President of Square Enix hopes that she will have a significant impact on the development of the entertainment business.

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