Startup Casa introduced a solution for the transfer of bitcoins by inheritance

Startup Casa introduced a universal solution for the transfer of bitcoins by inheritance. The company’s specialists noted that this problem began to be discussed immediately after the advent of cryptocurrency, as the holders data of digital assets are kept secret. Because of this, after the coins owner death, it is impossible to find heirs. Sometimes a fortune remain without an owner.

“If the owner of the asset dies, all of his funds remain online. According to one version, the creator of the main coin, Satoshi Nakamoto, also died, due to which more than 10 million bitcoins were lost forever. Our startup offers a universal solution that allows you to transfer cryptocurrency assets by inheritance. For this, it will not be necessary to disclose personal data to third parties or to disclose them” – said the developers of Casa.

The project was called Covenant. It makes it possible to perform multi-level user authorization. The owner of the cryptocurrency just needs to enter information about his relatives in the corresponding item of the utility. After death, information will not be passed on to third parties. The wallet access keys will simply be transferred to the indicated addresses. The personal data registry itself, immediately after confirmation of the transaction, will be deleted without the possibility of recovery. After going through all these procedures, control over the crypto wallet finally passes into the possession of the heir.


A separate Keymaster account during the entire activity of the cryptocurrency assets owner will be hidden even from him after sending to the registry. This will maintain complete confidentiality of information. Casa startup experts say that the utility will appear in the public domain after checking all of its algorithms.

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