Steven Seagal fined for cryptocurrency advertising

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined Hollywood actor Stephen Seagal $ 314 thousand for allegedly concealing financial fees received for advertising cryptocurrencies.

According to the publication, Bitcoiin2Gen offered an actor with US and Russian citizenship $ 250 thousand in cash and 750 thousand in cryptocurrency for supporting the initial offer of coins.

In 2018, Seagal used his Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce the upcoming event, and the company called him his “global ambassador.” At the same time, the star of the series of fighters “Above the Law” did not indicate that his activities to promote cryptocurrency are paid.

“Celebrities do not have the right to use their influence on social networks to advertise securities without disclosing the compensation received” RIA Novosti reports the words of SEC representative Christina Littman. It is noted that at the time of the placement of promotional posts, Seagal had 6.7 million subscribers on Facebook.

Seagal collaborated with the investigation and voluntarily agreed to pay a fine to resolve the claims of the regulator.


In early February, bitcoin exceeded the mark of 10 thousand dollars for the first time since October.

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