Student from Indonesia got $1M selling his NFT selfies

Indonesian student Sultan Gustav Al-Ghozali made $1 million selling NFTs of his selfies. The 22-year-old young man has been filming himself for almost five years. This was reported by Vice.

Al-Ghozali has been photographing his face almost daily since 2017. He was going to assemble a time-lapse video after graduating from university. However, after he decided to sell 933 selfies at the OpenSea NFT auction.

The starting price per NFT for one image was only $3. But soon an Indonesian celebrity drew attention to the lots of Al-Ghozali, after which the photos began to be bought for 800 and even 3000 dollars.

The guy managed to get rich quick, and now he plans to open his own animation studio. The Al-Ghozali selfie project decided not to continue. He asked NFT owners to “not abuse” his photos so as not to upset his parents.

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