Supermarket in Italy accepts bitcoins

There is a supermarket in Italy, where customers can buy goods using bitcoins. We are talking about the supermarket Eredi Marchesi in Nova Milanese (Lombardy) which processes BTC payments through partnerships with inbitcoin and

Perhaps this is the first such a supermarket in Italy, it is run by 3 brothers, who are united by an innovative look at the future of payments.

The business of this family began 55 years ago, in 1964, with the workshop of their parents Enrico Marquezi and his wife Rita. Their company has repeatedly undergone structural and commercial changes, as well as invested in emerging markets. In 2019, the sons of the Luca founder, Paolo and Daniel, began to manage the enterprise and decided to provide services related to cryptocurrency.

All this was made thanks to the Italian company Inbitcoin, which, together with, provides for enterprises safe and easy-to-use tools for accepting bitcoins.

Retailers, for all transactions will receive the amount in euros, and not directly in cryptocurrencies. Payment terminals are easy to use and work on the principle of conventional POS.

Interestingly, CEO Nicola Vaccari is working on creating an exact copy of the Trentino bitcoin valley in Lombardy, trying to “transfer” users from traditional digital payments to payment systems of the future.


Today, other retailers are also showing interest in cryptocurrencies, so the company hopes that this trend will soon become commonplace.

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