Syscoin launches Ethereum bridge in its test network

The Syscoin global blockchain network (SYS) launched a payment gateway with Ethereum (ETH) in the test network, which will allow customers to convert cryptocurrencies without the participation of a counterparty.

The Syscoin cryptocurrency project is a decentralized blockchain platform with digital currency SYS based on the Bitcoin protocol, which allows low-cost transactions at a speed of 60 thousand transactions per second and provides enterprises with a secure infrastructure for exchanging assets, digital certificates, goods and data.

According to the report, thanks to the new gateway, users of the blockchain will be able to convert between SYS and ETH, using a zero-disclosure proof that ensures token interchangeability.

“After a year of research and development, as well as a month of testing, we are pleased to announce the launch of a gateway between Syscoin and Ethereum, which will provide reliable interaction between blockchains, freeing you from general restrictions and risks when moving from one platform to another” – the team said in a statement Syscoin.


Today, Syscoin has 30% of the total volume of coins located in masternodes. The company strives to create a “healthy network” and ensure the effective functioning of a zero-acknowledgment acyclic graph (Z-DAG), an instant calculation protocol supported by masternodes.

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