Technology of growing natural vegetables, berries, and herbs at home from Russian startup – AgroTechFarm

More and more people in the world are aware of the importance of healthy eating and choosing organic foods. World statistics included organic in the top 10 consumer trends. At the same time, a significant part of the planet’s population knows almost nothing about agriculture and crop production. Meanwhile, the opportunity to eat natural vegetables, berries, and greens today is available to each of us. In the spirit of modern time, Russian startup AgroTechFarm has offered a solution to the problem.

Our world is developing rapidly mostly because of startups. New teams and technologies solve thousands of tasks every day aimed at modernizing and improving our lives. AgroTechFarm created revolutionary equipment designed for automated cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce and many other types of plants at home and in production without the need for special agronomic knowledge and skills.

The technology is based on an effective combination of two innovative methods for soilless cultivation of plants: hydroponics and aeroponics complemented by a unique LED lighting system. A smart device renders all the conditions of crops photosynthesis and users can easily control the process of growing in a web format or through a mobile application. Well-designed equipment will fit into any interior and provide users anywhere in the world with a high yield of environmentally friendly products all year round.

But first things first.

How to grow natural vegetables and berries at home with the help of high technology

The productive and absolutely safe AgroTechFarm (ATF) device functions on the interaction of modern methods for soilless cultivation of crops. The automated system controls all stages of plant development depending on which nutrient solutions are applied.

The cultivation process is controlled by the user remotely through specially developed software on the smartphone and connected to the controller. The controller receives information about the type of crop and its characteristics from the central processor, which collects data by ultrasonic measurement of plant height. The system also analyzes the temperature, humidity, light, conductivity, acidity and other parameters allowing you to customize the production line for each individual crop.

The optimal composition of the nutrient solution is determined based on the data received and is sprayed directly onto the roots of the plants providing constant nourishment with environmentally friendly substances and trace elements.

Besides, ATF devices use specially designed LED lights that recreate the ideal natural environment by carefully lighting the plants. Automatic adjustment of modes at all stages of growth allows you to change the light intensity and the ratio of the spectral composition completely simulating sunlight depending on the type of crop.

A two-tier air filtration system with a non-filter based on ultra- and extra thin fiberglass maintains sterile cleanliness in the cells with plants, while excess pressure on the way out prevents insects from entering the system.

Finished products do not need to be washed – the use of the technology of soilless cultivation and the complete absence of chemicals allow you to use your vegetables, berries and greens directly from the garden.

natural vegetables

ATF equipment is presented in two versions – home and industrial. Modern ATF-Home perfectly complements the interior of a city apartment or a house. The industrial version of ATF-Industrial will be an excellent solution for businesses that do not require large capital and provide high yields with full automation of processes.

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