Telegram audience exceeded 570 million

The number of Telegram’s users has exceeded the mark of 570 million, and the market value of the project is more than $ 20 billion. The Crown Prince-Emperor of Dubai announced this on Twitter, in the caption to a photo from a meeting with the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov.

Officially, the Dubai website described the conversation as a direct exchange of pleasantries. The prince praised Durov’s talents and promised that his country will continue to do everything for the prosperity of IT companies, and the founder of Telegram expressed gratitude for the support system that operates in Dubai. But some media outlets suggested that the meeting could have been about investments. The fact is that Telegram became the most popular non-gaming mobile application in January in terms of the downloads number in the world.

The data was published by Sensor Tower, according to its information Telegram was downloaded more than 63 million times in a month. This is four times more than last January, and a million more than the TikTok app (which is in second place), followed by another messenger, Signal, in third. Much has already been said about the fact that Telegram and Signal gained popularity amid the massive refusal of users from WhatsApp, which began to give the data of its subscribers to Facebook, then the decision was temporarily canceled, but this did not seem to stop the flow of users.

On the other hand, the rapid growth in popularity has already turned into problems, and for both messengers. Signal in January was unavailable for about a day. The servers failed to cope with the load volume. Telegram also had glitches, but with its current audience size, there are more questions with funding.

If Signal exists on grants and donations from users, then Telegram has existed for a long time on the personal funds of its founder, that is, Pavel Durov, and the more users, the more expensive the project is. Durov has already announced the launch of a neat monetization program, although there were rumors that he was looking for an opportunity to get a bank loan. And now – a meeting with the Crown Prince of Dubai. However, Pavel Durov, as he himself said, does not intend to sell a share in his messenger.

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