Telegram blockchain platform will be launched this fall

At the moment, the platform is 70% ready. The developers reported that the blockchain component, which is necessary for the implementation of smart contracts, is almost 100% ready.

In addition, the part of the blockchain that will be used to transfer transactions is almost ready. At the moment, active work is underway on the creation of TON – mechanisms for the production of new units and their confirmation among the network participants.

In July of this year it became known about the launch of Telegram Passport, which is the first stage in the introduction of the blockchain platform. Thanks to this feature, the messenger users will be able to upload their personal data and documents so that they can then log in an unlimited number of times on the services and portals that require relevant data.



Then personal information will be transferred to the cloud, and the user will be able to pay for all kinds of services and goods with Cryptocurrency Gram, which will be the currency in the blockchain platform.

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