Telegram spoke about the rules of using the Gram wallet

Access to a wallet with a lost password cannot be restored – Telegram on its website has published the rules for using the electronic Gram wallet for its cryptocurrency. All responsibility for the safety of the wallet is transferred to its owner.

The company warns that it does not store any personal information related to the wallet: neither passwords, nor backups, nor any other personal data of the user. In case of login and password loss, it will be impossible to restore access to the funds.

Telegram also warns that the wallet can be blocked for absolutely any reason. All transactions will go through the TON blockchain platform, and this system can delay their passage, prohibit operations, as well as uncontrollably withdraw money.

People over 18 years old can use the new wallet, and they should not be under sanctions or live in a sanctioned country.

telegram coin

Earlier, developers of the Telegram Open Network (owned by Pavel and Nikolai Durov) sent a letter to investors informing them that the project would be launched by the end of this month.

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