Telegram will get “Yandex News” competitor

Pavel Durov, co-founder of VKontakte and Telegram messenger, announced in his personal channel a new project: the function of content recommendations will appear in Telegram. The entrepreneur invited Yandex employees to work on it.

According to Durov, “the design of such services as Yandex.News is impressive in technical terms, but limited to censorship and the Russian-language market.” Telegram, he is sure, has enough data and technology to create a similar global advisory service that is not subject to “political censorship.”

The Telegram chapter proposes to start the development of a service recommending content to messenger users by adding the block “Recommended Articles” to the end of each material that is read in the “Instant View” mode. According to Durov, 6000 sites around the world have been adapted to display articles in Instant View.

Gradually, Durov writes, the Telegram recommendation mechanism could be developed into an hourly compilation supplemented by a “global search on all the news of the world.” At the same time, it is planned to recommend Telegram users not only texts, but also video recordings.


The former head of Vkontakte recalled that he and his Telegram colleagues at one time organized the Noah’s Ark for the best developers of VKontakte, inviting them to work on the instant messenger. Now, Durov makes a similar offer to Yandex developers who are engaged in content recommendation services, promising that Telegram has a “incomparably higher” cash reward than Yandex or even Google.

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