Tezos has created a prize fund to fight against coronavirus

The Tezos cryptocurrency community has teamed up and instituted an XTZ cryptocurrency prize for helping fight the coronavirus.

On March 2, Tezos developer Johann Tanzer published an article on Medium that urged Tezos users to use computing power to encourage coronavirus research in return for a potential reward in XTZ.

Tanzer’s idea was inspired by the efforts of Folding @ Home (F @ h), an organization created by Stanford Labs, which allows users to use their own computing resources to study protein folding and research.

As a result, the developer posted a tweet in which he asked Tezos users to create fold @ home accounts and published an XTZ address to which donations could be sent. Any team with the highest number of F @ h credits should receive a total prize at the end of the month.


At the time of writing, the pool has accumulated more than 340 XTZ ($ 930).

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