The best cryptocurrencies of 2021

Many cryptocurrency assets have shown good growth in the outgoing 2021. Which of them felt the most confident and which should be added to your investment portfolio in 2022?

The best assets of 2021 In addition to the already traditional bitcoin and Ethereum, which in 2021 were able to renew their historical highs, temporarily rising above 67 thousand dollars and 4.78 thousand dollars, respectively, there are a number of “younger”, but no less interesting tokens. “Memorial currencies” In 2021, the rates of the so-called “meme currencies” – Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – took off, created as a joke, but won their audience. During the year, the billionaire, founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has shown interest in them more than once. With his tweets, he provoked several cases of explosive growth of these tokens.

Dogecoin reached its maximum level in July, when it cost $ 0.58, having jumped in price by several thousand percent. Now this cryptocurrency is in 11th place in terms of capitalization with an indicator of $ 23.8 billion, Shiba Inu is in 13th place with $ 19.9 billion, showing its maximum in July at $ 0.00006.

Cardano The Cardano cryptocurrency is called one of the competitors of Ethereum. In the past year, it has risen in price almost 4 times and costs $ 1.3, and in terms of market capitalization it ranks sixth with an indicator of $ 43.3 billion. Interest in Cardano increased especially after the Alonzo update was launched on the network, as a result of which the transaction processing speed increased to 200 thousand transactions per day, as well as the opportunity for writing smart contracts.

Solana – This cryptocurrency is called both a competitor to Cardano and Ethereum due to the speed of processing transactions on the network (up to 710 thousand transactions per second) and low fees. This year, the market price of Solana has soared almost 100 times – from just under $ 2 to $ 178, this cryptocurrency ranks fifth in terms of market capitalization – almost $ 55 billion.

Polkadot – An interesting project in 2021 was the Polkadot cryptocurrency, created in order to increase the compatibility of various blockchains. It showed a fairly moderate, compared to the same Solana, growth – only 3 times, up to $ 38, but in terms of market capitalization, which is $ 29.7 billion, it takes a confident ninth place.

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