The Best Places To Buy Green Diamond Earrings For My Wife

At the moment, I am busy trying to work out where to buy a good quality set of genuine green diamond earrings. You see, my wife came home from work last night and told me that she desperately needs some green diamond earnings to match one of the emerald green dresses that she owns. Being the gentleman that I am, I feel that it my duty to buy her the best set of earrings possible.

My wife needs the diamond earnings to wear to a business dinner next week, so I need to find some diamond earnings that are not too big or flashy. My aim to to find a pair of green diamond earrings that are both stylish and sophisticated. In addition, I need to find a shade of green diamond earnings that will not clash with my wife’s emerald green dress.

Unfortunately, at this current moment in time, I have a very limited budget for jewelry shopping, as I have not been given a pay rise from work for three years. Consequently, I need to find some green diamond earrings that do not cost in excess of two thousand dollars. Fortunately, at least jewelry can be resold for a good price if any money problems arise in the future.

My initial plan was to visit a large jewelry store in New York City, but I am not sure that it worth travelling to New York City for one pair of earrings. While I do think that it may be possible to get some good green diamond jewelry pieces from the internet, I not sure how I will be able to tell whether or not a diamond is genuine or not just by looking at an online photograph. Furthermore, I am slightly worried that if I order some diamond earrings online, they will get lost in the post and I will have lost a considerable amount of money.

My best friend has told me that eBay is the best place to buy green diamond pieces. She herself has bought several high value jewelry pieces from eBay and they all look stunning. However, it is my understanding that the auction site facilitates a lot of fraud. The last thing I want to do is to purchase a fake diamond or worse a stolen diamond from an unknown seller on an online auction site.

I think the best option would be for me to visit the local jewelry shop in my home town, as if I have any problems it will be easy for my to revisit the store in person and get the problems rectified. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that the local store will stock green diamonds, but I guess it is always worth checking. In any case, hopefully my wife will get her green diamond earnings very soon and will be able to look the best she possibly can for an up and coming business dinner with two high profile clients.

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