The Chinese began to massively get rid of video cards

The boom in sales of computer video accelerators began in the secondary market in China. In recent years, they were very often used not for their intended purpose, but for mining cryptocurrencies.

According to local media reports, wholesale lots are being dumped on the market. HKEPC Hardware reports.

The publication writes that on the Web you can find advertisements for the sale of both low-power AMD Radeon RX 470 and top-end Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090. And all of them are sold at a reduced price. The miners themselves explain this by the fact that the PRC authorities have begun to fight the spread of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the rates of the main cryptocoinst have dropped recently.

Video cards used in Chinese cryptocurrency mining farms can already be found on eBay and other marketplaces. However, as local media warn, such an acquisition is associated with huge risks: video cards are used to the limit of their capabilities, which leads to an unpredictable residual resource. In just a few months of work on a farm, a video card loses its resource exactly as much as an ordinary gamer would use for four years.

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