The countries of the EAEC can switch to a single cryptocurrency

The first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Sergei Kalashnikov, proposed the creation of a unified cryptocurrency for the EAEC countries.

According to him, the cryptocurrency could become a unit of calculation and contribute to the development of economic cooperation within the framework of the EAEC.

“Since each of the member of the EAES countries has its own currency, the question arises of their correlation, conversion, and so on” Kalashnikov said in an interview with the Parliamentary Gazette.

He explained that a single cryptocurrency, which has a so-called diffuse emission center, can solve the problem.

moneyAt the same time, countries treat differently the digital money.¬†For example, in Russia the cryptocurrency is outlawed, and the authorities of Belarus, on the contrary, have allowed mining, reports the “Federal Press”. Source:¬†

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