The death of a Canadian cryptomillionaire deprived his spouse 137 million dollars

In Canada, the sudden death of entrepreneur Gerald Cotten, who had seriously got rich on cryptocurrency market, left his wife and hundreds of thousands of merchant clients without money.

According to the American television network, the man was the creator and director of the Quadriga service, which allowed users to exchange digital coins.

At the same time, all the funds loaded on the portal were stored in the so-called “cold wallets” that do not have access to the Web. Only Cotten has known passwords to the accounts, and now at the end of last year he died.

The businessman went to India, where he intended to open an orphanage, but already there he felt unwell. Later it turned out that Kotten had Crohn’s disease.

The cryptomillionaire’s widow searched all the belongings of her deceased husband, but he didn’t seem to be in the habit of writing down account passwords on pieces of paper. Guess the coveted code also failed.

Meanwhile, women have already begun to receive threats from Cotten’s clients and partners who have been left without their money. The total damage is estimated at approximately 137 million dollars.


The entrepreneur’s wife hired a specialist to hack her husband’s computers or at least his e-mail, but so far there are no results, since Cotten has encrypted all his cryptocoins accounts well.

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