The expert explained when Russia began to sell cars for cryptocurrency

One of the largest auto-dealer holdings in the Russian Federation “Auto Spec Center” expects to become a pioneer in the sale of cars for the cryptocurrency and suggests that it can start selling such cars in two years, told the general director of the Audi Center in Taganka, Andrey Turkin.

“I think it’s 2020-2021 year. It may be, I want to develop this direction .It is not necessary only for bitcoin, it is possible that sales will be carried out in some other cryptocurrencies”, the interlocutor said in response to a question about plans for selling cars for cryptocurrency.

According to him, there are a lot of nuances related to Russian legislation. “But in general, if we do not have barriers on the part of the legislation, if everything continues as it is now (inevitable, sales of cars for cryptocurrencies), we will definitely be pioneers in this sector” Turkin said, adding that the development of this issue in the company is already under way.

The legal status of the cryptocurrencies, ICO, mining and crowdfunding is not defined in Russia yet. In March, the Duma introduced three bills designed to fill this gap and create regulation in the field of the digital economy. All of them have already passed the first reading. In particular, one of the draft laws defines “digital financial assets”, relating to them a cryptocurrency and a token. It is directly established that such assets are not a legal means of payment in the territory of the Russian Federation.

autosThe Bank of Russia has repeatedly stated that it does not consider it permissible to exchange cryptocurrencies for rubles, or other currencies. At the same time, the regulator considers it permissible to allow such an exchange for tokens issued within the framework of Russian ICOs and which do not have a payment function. Source:

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