The expert told when the cryptocurrency will be accepted everywhere

Billionaire and investor Mike Novogratz, spoke about his vision of the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At the Beyond Blocks conference in South Korea, the bitcoin optimist assured that the blockchain technology will come to the leading companies in 2-3 years, and mass use of the technology and widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency will occur in 5, maximum 6 years.

While the top management of traditional financial institutions is cautious about cryptocurrency, many young leaders are in favor of using blockchain technology and digital money. “There is an impetus from organizations willing to participate,” the investor noted.

According to Novogratz, the greatest obstacles to the active adoption of new digital assets and blockchain are the high cost of talented technical specialists and the indecisiveness of investors.

In addition, the absence of authoritative financial institutions on the market harms the image of the cryptocurrency market.

“Think about how institutional investors work. It’s hard to tell your boss: “I have money in places you’ve never heard of.” You need a reliable custodian of values ​​with a great name – a Japanese bank, Goldman Sachs, ICE or HSBC, to allow institutional investors to feel comfortable. ”

The billionaire noted the importance of a strong regulatory framework. In addition, according to Novogratz, the crypto-currency industry is focused on a small investor. Therefore regulators should” … protect the little guys who (initially) performed dirty and laborious work”

technologyRecall, investor-billionaire Mark Lasri believes that the price of bitcoin can reach $ 40,000, as it becomes more common and simple in trading. The expert suggested that bitcoin-investors will receive a profit that is 5-10 times higher than their investments for 5-10 years. Source:

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