The first bitcoin transaction is 10 years old

It is safe to say that bitcoin has come a long way since it was first introduced to the public. Interestingly, 10 years ago the first market transaction with bitcoin took place, in that time 5050 BTC were sold at a price of $ 5.02.

Let’s see how it was and what we have now – first BTC transaction was probably one of the most important moments in the history of bitcoin, since then the cryptocurrency became an economic good.

Obviously, much has changed, the network has become more secure and more usable, and the mechanism of the “digital deficit” of bitcoin has passed the test of time.

Today, the same amount of bitcoins costs more than $ 42 million, an increase of approximately 838,000,000%. Needless to say, not so many assets have shown such a staggering increase in their value.

Of course, past success is not an indicator of future growth, but the overall development of Bitcoin and the entire industry undoubtedly deserves attention.

Listing everything that bitcoin has experienced in 10 years is at least not easy. However, looking at the current development of events, we can definitely conclude that a lot of really important things happened.

First of all, BTC proposed a technology that is now being actively researched and is being actively introduced. Blockchain based technology is starting to gain momentum, not only among startups, but also among established and well-known corporations, including financial ones.

Bitcoin managed to withstand the test of the market and become much stronger than before. This is an obvious fact.

Bitcoin deficiency and its programmed nature forced many well-known experts to put forward it as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies. Some even compare it to gold, and even the chairman of the US Federal Reserve said that bitcoin, along with gold, is a means of preserving value, or accumulation.


In any case, these 10 years were very exciting, it can be safely assumed that even more large-scale events will continue to happen.

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