The first exchange that began selling LINE messenger tokens was announced

At the end of August 2018, LINE – a popular Japanese messenger – has launched its first cryptocurrency called LINK. Unlike most other companies, LINE is not planning to hold ICO for its coin. The corporation will launch a reward system that gives tokens to users as compensation for using LINE products. Nevertheless, LINK futures are already available for purchase on p2pb2b exchange and anyone registered on the platform can buy them.

LINE Messenger

Japanese-based messenger LINE was launched in June 2011 and now has over 200 million users all over the world. According to the App Annie report, LINE was the highest-earning non-game app publisher in Japan in 2017. The messenger is available for Android and iOS smartphones as well as PC and MAC.

LINK Token

promoLINK is a cryptocurrency that powers the blockchain network LINK Chain independently created by LINE. The emission of tokens will be limited to 1 billion coins, 800 million of which will be distributed between users. Thanks to the reward system that the company uses instead holding an ICO, users will be able to get tokens simply through using LINE services: messenger, games, family apps etc. p2pb2b exchange is the first one trading platform that will be selling LINK futures. Later the token will be listed on LINE’s own exchange BITBOX.

p2pb2b is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been completely updated after 4 years of work and gives traders an opportunity to get a new experience in buying and selling crypto. The platform is mainly focused on the B2B sector and tends to provide companies with a stable and safe ecosystem to do business. Businesses get a possibility to list a new coin for 5 minutes, updated API, officially registered Estonian company, while traders receive high performance, safety, and client’s support. Check out the official website for more information.


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