The list of countries with own cryptocurrency will increase

Last week, the head of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, and the president of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamed, made very important statements during the meeting in Kuala Lumpur. Both agreed that the Bitcoin phenomenon is so significant that as a result a whole cryptocurrency segment of the global economy has emerged, which is very interesting to two world political leaders for several reasons at once.

First of all, Rouhani and Mohamed agreed that cryptocurrencies today are almost the only effective way to painlessly get away from the US dollar in world transactions.

Secondly, the launch of their own state cryptocurrencies will significantly save on costs associated with the issuance of paper money and metal coins, as well as costs associated with countering counterfeiting: cryptocurrencies on the blockchain cannot be imperceptibly faked, so it is unlikely that anyone will try to do this .

Finally, Rouhani and Mohamed emphasized that deepening cooperation between different countries can be achieved much faster if they begin to use cryptocurrencies. Thus, Rouhani made it clear that he is ready to build new associations of countries, such as the European Union countries, the SCO or BRICS, which will be based on the transition to settlements in cryptocurrencies.

What they said in Kuala Lumpur is no longer just words. Recall that another influential country in the region, Turkey, will launch the own cryptocurrency Turkish lira for mass circulation in the next 12 months. Thus, the list of countries with their own cryptocurrency is growing – the same China is already ready in the coming months to take a similar step.

But this is not only not stopping, but just beginning. The basic technology at the core of cryptocurrencies – blockchain – has already led to the fact that in the same China, it is spreading, with the consent of the authorities, the use of blockchain courts that make decisions using artificial intelligence technology, and all processes are carried out through a distributed registry.


Thus, the blockchain has become a catalyst for the development of artificial intelligence technology, and this means that we are still waiting for interesting news in this regard.

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