The London mosque began to accept cryptocurrencies

In this Ramadan mosque located in the London district of Hackney, expects to collect at least £ 10,000 as zakat (religious tax), and the tax for the benefit of the needy will be also collected in cryptocurrencies, in particular – bitcoins and ethers, reports The Independent.

“We are trying to attract more believers with this new kind of digital money,” said Erkin Guney – the chairman of the Board of Trustees to The Hackney Gazette. “The Muslim world is great, and we have created a platform for wealthy Muslims outside our community so that they can support and donate funds in favor of our mosque.”

Last month Mufti Mohammad Abu Bakar published a study together with the start-up Blossom Finance, according to which cryptocurrencies do not contradict the norms of Sharia. The London mosque, apparently, became the first in the world, who started taking cryptocurrencies. Source:

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