The London mosque began to accept cryptocurrencies

In this Ramadan mosque located in the London district of Hackney, expects to collect at least £ 10,000 as zakat (religious tax), and the tax for the benefit of the needy will be also collected in cryptocurrencies, in particular Рbitcoins and ethers, reports The Independent.

“We are trying to attract more believers with this new kind of digital money,” said Erkin Guney – the chairman of the Board of Trustees to The Hackney Gazette. “The Muslim world is great, and we have created a platform for wealthy Muslims outside our community so that they can support and donate funds in favor of our mosque.”

Last month Mufti Mohammad Abu Bakar published a study together with the start-up Blossom Finance, according to which cryptocurrencies do not contradict the norms of Sharia. The London mosque, apparently, became the first in the world, who started taking cryptocurrencies. Source:

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