The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies exceeded $ 200 billion

The cryptocurrency market continues to show anomalous growth after a long lull. The cost of Bitcoin gradually reaches the figure of 7.3 thousand dollars, and the capitalization of all coins on the night of today passed the barrier of 200 billion dollars.

New frontiers of bitcoin
According to experts, in the event that the bitcoin capitalization reaches the figure of 150 billion dollars, it will be possible to talk about a full-fledged jump in its value to 10 thousand dollars. Earlier, Mike Novograz told about this perspective, who considered Bitcoin to rise to $ 20,000 by the end of the current year as real.

The dominance index of the main cryptocurrency continued to rise against the background of its capitalization growth. Now it accounts for a market share of 59 percent. Some experts call this trend monopolization, but developers on the blockchain see in it the development of a distributed registry and the main means of calculation on it.

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Altcoin capitalization shows a more restrained growth. The value of the coins also began to rise, but at a less rapid pace. Ethereum is now trading at $ 198. In the first ten of the maximum growth showed Stellar, which rose to 1 cent.

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