The Ministry of Communications has included the Exonum CIS blockchain platform in the register of domestic software

Bitfury Russia announced the inclusion of Exonum CIS in the Unified Register of Russian Software. Exonum CIS is a software package for decentralized data storage based on blockchain technology.

The registry of domestic software was launched in January 2016, in order to expand the use of domestic software and confirm its Russian origin. The companies included in the register have an officially confirmed right to work with state institutions, ensure information security and have preference in state and municipal procurements.

Exonum CIS is a software package for decentralized data storage based on blockchain technology, an adapted version of Exonum from Bitfury has been created taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation, including Russian cryptography and meeting the requirements of import substitution of software in the public sector.

Exonum has been successfully used to create distributed, cryptographically secure registries to address security and trust issues.

According to research by the consulting company Global Market Insights, the blockchain market will grow worldwide and will exceed $ 16 billion by 2024. According to the report, the annual growth rate of application providers in the blockchain market between 2018 and 2024 will be about 85% . The growth will be promoted by the increased risk of cyber attacks, this will stimulate the introduction of blockchain technology among digital identity applications.

The advantages of the blockchain are: fault tolerance, data compactness, transparency of the actions of each participant, ease of audit and continuous access to information in real time. Exonum CIS combines them with ease of implementation, scalability and high throughput. It is focused on working with closed blockchains and is applicable in the public sector, medicine, education, manufacturing and many other industries.

“Today, Exonum CIS is the only structure in Russia with world-class experience and an extensive partner network of integrators that does not have a single domestic blockchain developer” – said Dmitry Ufaev, CEO of Bitfury Russia.

According to a Global Market Insights study, by 2024, blockchain technology growth in the public sector and medicine will exceed 85%.

Bitfury Group is the world’s largest company providing a full range of services in the field of blockchain technologies. Bitfury creates solutions for the future using the most important technology of the millennium. Our mission is to make the world more transparent and increase confidence by introducing innovations at every technological level – hardware, security and software – restoring trust.

The Bitfury portfolio focuses on solutions for artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and digital currencies. Bitfury is a leading provider of security and infrastructure for the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition to protecting the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitfury also develops and produces innovative equipment that protects cryptocurrencies and various blockchains, including custom semiconductor chips and mobile data centers.


Bitfury also acts as a provider of software for some of the most advanced applications through its private blockchain framework, ExonumTM, CrystalTM Blockchain advanced analytics platform, and its dedicated engineering team within the LightningPeach network.

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