The Moscow Exchange will launch a project to hold ICO this year

Until the end of this year, Russian companies will be able to conduct initial placement of tokens (ICO) using the infrastructure developed by the Moscow Stock Exchange, Kommersant reports referring to the words of the head of the exchange Alexander Afanasiev.

“We are developing projects now, we are creating the basic infrastructure so that we can display companies on the ICO and we would be able to display plus there will be a description of this token – which is now missing at all those sites that offer such services” – said Afanasiev.

At the site, investors will be explained what duties the issuer of the token assumes, that it represents other details of participation. Afanasiev stressed that now it is only about the fiat currencies (the currency, which is the legal means of payment for a country, but not provided with any reserves – ed.). statWhile the Cryptocurrency does not have the status of a legally protected asset in Russia, the exchange can not operate it, the head of the Mossbirge said, but it will be included in the system immediately after granting it such a status. Source:

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