The most useless cryptocurrency in the world has been presented

It came up with a company that publishes popular computer games. Devolver Digital Company held its own presentation at the main gaming exhibition E3 2018. The presentation was conducted, as in the previous year, hosted by Nina Strathers.

During her speech the girl presented a new cryptocurrency – Lootboxcoin. The idea of ​​its creation appeared at the junction of the popularity of cryptocurrencies and scandals around lootboxes. The fact is that game developers are often criticized for selling cosmetic things.

The presenter stated that a lot of “financial experts have appeared in the world and they do not know anything about the topic.” According to the Strathers, Lootboxcoin is an unregulated, price-neutral and “damn safe” cryptocurrency.

digital coinYou can buy a new currency in only one way – through the company’s official website. After transferring money, the costumer will get a “real, tangible Lootboxcoin”. One coin is worth 150 dollars. Source:

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