The next game from the creator of Fable is a business simulator with NFTs

The creator of Fable, Black and White, Peter Molyneux, together with the 22cans studio, presented a new game – Legacy. In it, users will be able to build their own business empire. The currency of the economy will be the LegacyCoin cryptocurrency. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

According to Molyneux, players will be able to build blockchain-based business alliances, fulfill entrepreneurial dreams and create unique products. They will be tradable with users from all over the world. The currency in the game will be LegacyCoin, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

LegacyCoin will be used to trade, buy exclusive items (NFT), and more. Cryptocurrency will be available in competitions. They will be won by entrepreneurs who will bring production to the limit and create unique cities.

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