The number of MetaMask users exceeded 1 million

Over a million users from all over the world have downloaded and installed the MetaMask application, which acts as a kind of the “bridge” between blockchain networks and the computer’s browser.

Thanks to the “adapter”, users can simply and quickly connect to the Ethereum blockchain network, install Dapps applications on their computer and smartphone, including the most popular Ethereum crypto wallet. At the same time, the developers emphasize that they provide to users the function of storing access keys from the wallet, regardless of the context of the site, thereby increasing security, thereby preventing massive data theft.

In general, last year was a difficult one for developers. At the end of 2019, MetaMask suffered massive persecution due to an unknown spyware program that disguised itself as a cryptocurrency wallet and scanned data. Malicious software could even change the characters in the address of the recipient wallet, and thus the transactions went to the scam account.

In December 2019, Google decided to remove MetaMask from GooglePlay, considering the services provided to be “fraudulent”. After a short trial, Google decided to return the crypto wallet to its application store.

The increase in users of the MetaMask wallet may be due to the rapid increase in the value of the ETH coin. To date, the ETH coin is trading at $ 260. According to TradingView, since the beginning of the month, ether has risen in price by 76% and 100.1% over the past 3 months. Such growth laid the foundation for the altcoin season. The second cryptocurrency in the world in terms of capitalization continues to grow and strengthen rapidly. Experts predict a price increase to $ 300 by the end of February.

A crypto analyst and trader with the nickname Dave the Wave predicts an increase in the value of ETH to $ 338 in the middle of spring of this year, followed by a slight decrease in value, which may be caused by a bitcoin halving and the shift of attention of investors and traders to the BTC.


Nevertheless, we can conclude that altcoin showed good dynamics growth dynamics. Along with the increase in the cost of ETH, the trading volume also increased.

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