The payment system employee has mined 500,000 bitcoins on terminals

The technical director of the QIWI payment system managed to get 500 thousand bitcoins with payment terminals. About this on a lecture at the Moscow School of Communications MACS told co-founder and CEO of the payment system QIWI Sergei Solonin.

According to him, he learned about the mining from the head of the security service, who said that the terminals of the system at night are experiencing serious strain. After the audit it was found out that the technical director of the company was engaged in the BTC cryptocurrency mining. “He has mined 500,000 bitcoins in three months, and it was then worth $ 5 million, and now these are worth billions” Solonin said. At the rate for July 25, 500,000 bitcoins are already worth 4 billion dollars.

btcSolonin’s demands to return the bitcoins received with the help of resources and explain the essence of the process to the technical director, but he did not respond. He quickly resigned – fired himself from work. He could not be dismissed, because he did not inflict any direct damage to the payment system. Source:

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