The price of Bitcoin could double in 2019. There are several reasons

The cost of cryptocurrency will overcome the mark of $ 7000 in the coming months, financial analysts are sure that the price of Bitcoin will rise twice in the coming months, it will exceed $ 7,000 by the end of 2019, most financial analysts who participated in the Finder survey are sure. Ben Ritchie, executive director of Digital Capital Management, claims that by December the main cryptocurrency could rise to $ 9,500.

According to the expert, investor interest in Bitcoin is growing steadily. The massive introduction of digital money will lead to a sharp increase in their prices. Analyst Travis Kling added that the policy of the US Federal Reserve will positively affect cryptocurrency positions. The American regulator will refuse to raise the interest rate, this will affect the increase in investment in digital coins.

At the moment, the average market price of Bitcoin is $ 3420. Over the past day, the coin has fallen in price by 1.2%.


At the end of January, the Bitwise hedge fund conducted a survey in which 150 US financial advisors took part. 58% of them said they would prefer to invest in Bitcoin through an ETF. Also, 54% of respondents are waiting for a more transparent regulation of the market for placing digital money in their portfolio.

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