The profit of the Bitcoin and Ethereum miners began to grow

June was an extremely unfortunate month for miners – revenues from bitcoin and ethereum mining fell by half. However, in July, the indicators began to recover. If in June the miners of the first cryptocurrency received $ 839 million, then in July the profit reached $ 971 million. The income growth was 15.8%. Bitcoin miners received only $ 27.59 million from transaction fees, and the main income came from rewards for detecting a block. Note that Bitcoin miners received $ 1.75 billion in March.

As for the Ethereum miners, their income in July was 505,000 ETH ($ 1.26 billion at the current exchange rate). The growth of the indicator in comparison with June amounted to 6.63%. ETH miners received $ 231 million from transaction fees, which is 18.32% of the total profit. Recall that due to the bans on mining in China, the hash rate of the first cryptocurrency network has dropped significantly. However, along with the transfer of capacities from the Middle Kingdom to other countries, the Bitcoin hash rate began to recover. At the end of last week, another recalculation of the difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency took place – the indicator increased by 6%.

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