The prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg will pay 150 thousand for trying to close the site about cryptocurrencies

The Petersburg Prosecutor’s Office will have to pay 150 thousand rubles of legal costs for trying to close the Bitcoin Info cryptocurrencies website.

This decision was made by the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg, the Digital Rights Center stated on Facebook page.

Recall that the St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office considered that information about cryptocurrencies, which was published on the site, was banned in Russia. In 2016, the prosecutor’s office went to court to block the website.

The Vyborg district court agreed with the arguments of the prosecutor’s office, but representatives of the website appealed to the city court. However, the St. Petersburg City Court did not consider the appeal on the merits.

Afterwards, the judicial board of St. Petersburg took up the case, where they canceled all the decisions of the court and in the second round, sent the case to the Vyborg district court, and from there to the October district court.

Then the prosecutor’s office abandoned its claim, but the representatives of the website appealed for damages.

cryptolawThe Supreme Court overturned previous decisions of St. Petersburg courts and determined that the consideration of lawsuits by prosecutors on the recognition of information on the Internet as illegal without involving the author of content and / or the website owner violates their procedural rights, and therefore is unacceptable.

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