The Rare Beauty of the Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world. They are mined primarily in only one place, the Argyle Mine in the Kimberley Region of Australia which produces over 90 percent of the world’s pink and red diamonds.

Natural pink diamonds are found in shades ranging from very light pink to a fairly dark shade of pink and then most every shade of pink in between. The pink tint of the diamond is caused by natural inclusions that happen during the diamond’s formation.

Inclusions are actually imperfections in the stone, but because of the beauty and rarity of the imperfection’s result, the value of the pink diamond is among the highest ever paid.

Considered by many to be a safe and secure investment, pink diamonds often come up for sale in private auctions and are snapped up by savvy investors looking to double or even triple their money.

It’s definitely true that investors will pay for the privilege of owning a rare pink diamond, especially if the diamond has a legacy or special story attached.

In April 2013, the rare pink diamond nicknamed the Princie because of its previous ownership sold for an amazing $39.3M during an auction in New York.

The ultra-feminine look and feel of the pink diamond also make them extremely desirable as the primary gem for engagement and wedding rings. The reality though is that this rare and beautiful gem is as expensive as it is rare and while it makes an extraordinary stone, it costs an extraordinary amount to purchase one.

Today, pink diamond engagement rings are all the rage, but are normally outside the budget of most brides unless their groom or their daddy can afford a $10,000 to $20,000 price tag. While admittedly gorgeous and no doubt the stuff of dreams, a pink diamond engagement ring large enough to actually be seen on the bride’s hand would probably cost upwards of $30,000.

Instead, many brides are opting for a pink diamond wedding band instead, perhaps coupled with white or black diamonds. This makes a stunning wedding set and the bride can still have her beautiful pink diamonds.

The opportunity to own a pink diamond is often too great to resist. As it is with many beautiful, but rare gemstones, there are always enterprising individuals who come up with a way to meet the customer demand.

Lab-created pink diamonds are the less expensive alternative to the rare, but natural pink diamond. Created in a laboratory, they are less expensive, but many believe are just as beautiful as the natural pink diamonds.

There are more of them available and they are available in a wider range of colors. They must be labeled as “Lab-created” when being sold, but there is really no other way to tell the difference with the naked eye. The colors are sharp, the cut, clarity, and carats are all the same.

The lab-created pink diamond is a good, less expensive alternative to the natural pink diamond, especially if staying within a budget is a consideration.

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