The Ring Must Be 24 Carat Gold

My friend Debbi is getting married next weekend. I am a bridesmaid and flew into town last night. So far she kept talking about her 24 carat gold ring and how that was all she wanted.

Her boyfriend proposed to her after they had been dating two years. He already knew what she wanted. She had told him many times. She had even shown him a picture of the exact ring.

He saved up a lot of money and bought her what she wanted. Now she can’t help but share it with everyone that she knows. It was one of the first things she did when I got here.

I know that Debbi has always wanted a 24 carat gold ring. We have been friends since we were eight years old. When we were younger we used to cut pictures out of magazines of what we wanted in the future.

I always was pretty simple. I just wanted a nice silver band with a small stone. She always wanted something bigger. I wanted an outside wedding in a garden, she wanted a big wedding in a church.

We are very different people but have always gotten along. We went through grade school, junior high and high school together. When I left for college it was very hard to say goodbye.

She decided to stay in town and work and I went off to school. I am able to come home to visit often but it just isn’t the same. We have made new friends and are not as close as we once were.

I am excited to be in her wedding. I know she has made a lot of new friends since I left and I am so glad she thought to include me. I think it is going to be a fun week.

She met her groom at her work. They hit it off right away and now they are going to be husband and wife. I have only met him a couple of times but he does seem to be the type that would go for 24 carat gold.

I know they plan to buy a house out in the country. It is what she has always wanted. I think she was just waiting for the right guy to come along.

I know her wedding is going to be beautiful. She has done so much and I am sure every detail will be amazing. Her Mom is a florist and I am sure she has done an amazing job on the flowers.

I am a little jealous of the wedding. I am currently single with no love interest in my life. I am not sure I will ever get married. I am hoping I can meet someone at the wedding.

It will be amazing to see my friend walk down the aisle. Her dress is just beautiful and you won’t be able to miss her lovely ring. I am so happy for my friend.

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