The startup in the US created a cryptocurrency against animal abuse

Vegancoin plans to become the first cryptocurrency for vegetarians. American entrepreneur Isaac Thomas and his business partners have created the Vegancoin cryptocurrency, which belongs to the project – the first global platform for a decentralized community based on vegetarianism – VeganNation. When participants join the platform, they will be provided with a “passport” – a digital wallet VeganNation.

VeganNation is based on several main pillars. The first is an economy that includes nutrition, product sharing and trade.

Vegan e-commerce is also one of the pillars on which the project is based. The platform will sell various products from clothing and accessories to cosmetics.

The platform will also become a place for sharing content, media, recipes, news and blogs.

Referring to Paul McCartney’s famous quote that “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarians,” Thomas explained that the blockchain becomes an analogue of the glass wall.

vegancoin“We are moving towards a world where people can see everything and can be held responsible for what they consume. They can track their money. Cryptocurrency in the community of vegans closes the circle” – explained Isaac Thomas and added that in his eyes veganism, cryptocurrency and blockchain go hand in hand to a world of transparency and awareness. Source:

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