The Story of a Successful Startup: in 6 days e-Chat finishes its Second Round of ICO

It has been quite a long way to success for the e-Chat team. From mid-October to mid-November they have already run the pre-ICO. The First Round of ICO took place from mid-November to mid-December. E-Chat tokens (ECHT) presale has been very successful and the whole team has high hopes for the Second Round of ICO that is about to start on December 16 and lasts until December 30, 2017. The price of 1 ECHT is expected to be $0.80.

There are numerous startups that are eager to run ICOs and use the funds raised to promote their projects or start fulfilling their ideas into life. Having so many initiatives at the market the investors could be extremely indecisive about what startup to invest.

e-Chat is among very few startups that managed to produce a working product, a decentralized working app before they entered the ICO. That’s why those who are interested in funding the project could go online download the app and use it to make sure the provided functionality is of excellent quality. Another side that is also important to check out is the management team of the project. It’s a great idea to make sure that the startup is in the hands of professionals, these could be business analysts, strategists, financial staff with the international experience, and world-class Blockchain specialists alongside with the skilled developers and designers.

There are two main strongest sides of the e-Chat app. Firstly, it’s the unique idea behind the project. The team used start-of-arts technologies to combine the two spheres of human life: financial and social. e-Chat is the first decentralized multi-task messaging platforms enabling secure and protected financial transactions. Secondly, the senior figures of e-Chat, as well as fellow developers and designers, are the true professionals having more than 10 years of experience in their business spheres.

The e-Chat leading business development manager, Alex Vincente is actively representing the startup at various conferences worldwide. The project has been mentioned in top media resources, such as Forbes, the Next Web, Business 2 Community. Moreover, the e-Chat leading strategist, Karthik Iyer was interviewed by the Huffington Post.

The very important asset to the e-Chat project is the team of Advisors. Just before the start of the e-Chat Second Round of ICO, the advising board was strengthened with the excellent financial advisor, Mr. Sridhar, who has been the head of Indian National bank for around 15 years.
And recently e-Chat has obtained two new advisors. Ryan Scott has more than 10 years of experience being a CEO. Ryan is the founder of Causecast and ICO Advisory Group. He is also a well-known ICO advisor and the leading investment strategist at BlockRx and Karma International. Jared Polites is a former FBI analyst, fintech expert, and Blockchain specialist. Jared is a senior manager at Time Inc, a contributor to CryptoCoinNews. Apart from advising our startup, Jared is also advising Gameflip and DNX Community. The newly joined members of our world-class management team are our biggest assets and we are proud to work with high-skilled professionals!

Download the e-Chat decentralized app on Google Play or App Store, try it out and enjoy the highest level of protection against breaches, cyberattacks and meddling from any third parties.

Make up your mind and support the first decentralized social messaging platform during its Second Round of ICO. Stay tuned, visit the official e-Chat website, where you can also find the whitepaper of the project.

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