The student has developed and implemented her own cryptocurrency

A graduate of IRNITU, Sofya Rogacheva, developed and implemented a cryptocurrency called “Eon” with the use of a blockchain. The test version of the project is implemented on the site of the company to develop mobile applications. According to the specialist, the need to create network funds is due to the growing demand for individual “coins” inside many enterprises.

The woman has applied a modern approach to using double encryption with protection from receiving unknown third-party payments. As a result of the study, she created a graphical interface for the company’s employees, through which they will conduct operations with cryptocurrency. In the network service, you can graphperform several operations – take, receive coins or transfer them to a colleague. Digital money can be useful for optimizing accounting, as well as accounting for the productivity of employees and their promotion within the company. Approbation in the establishment of the software product was successful. Source:

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