The Trump administration called cryptocurrency Libra a “good thing”

Economist from the US Presidential Administration, a researcher at the Heritage Foundation’s conservative public policy center, Stephen Moore, supported Facebook in its plans to release Libra cryptocurrency.

“This is interesting because it is” Libra “is a new problem for central banks, which is that they now have competition from private currencies,” he told Yahoo Finance.

Moore claims that he “studied cryptocurrencies” and central bankers are best aware that a world with trustworthy cryptocurrencies is “coming.”

In his opinion, Libra is “generally a good thing.”


Facebook officially announced a cryptocurrency, digital wallet and payment system last week. The social networks giant’s crypto project attracted the attention of both financial regulators and legislators. In the US Senate and Congress, Facebook has scheduled a cryptocurrency hearing in July. On the eve of the risks of issuing cryptocurrency by such major technology companies as Facebook warned the Bank for International Settlements.

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