The Ukrainian police mined cryptocurrencies in the workplace

In April, employees of the internal security department of the State Police in the Rivne region of Ukraine found working equipment for cryptocurrencies mining in the office building of communication department.

Owners of the equipment were employees of the department mentioned above and for four months they were engaged in mining virtual coins in the workplace. They had two wooden frames with eight video cards, six power supplies, two hard drives, a motherboard and a system unit.

Currently, the Investigative Department of the State Investigative Committee in Rovensky conducts pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings under Part 1, Article 185 of the ukrainian Criminal Code on the theft of electricity.

In the resolution of the Investigation Department says:

“Pre-trial investigation found that from the beginning of 2018 year officials of the Communication Department of the State Unitary Enterprise in the Rivne region, abusing their official position, acting contrary to the interests of the service, arbitrarily used the electric energy in the Rivne region for their own purposes for the proper functioning of equipment for the cryptocurrencies mining than inflicted significant damage to the interests of the State Unitary Enterprise in the Rivne region.”

The amount of stolen electricity is unknown. According to the relevant article, unlucky miners face up to three years of imprisonment.

uniformRecently, Verge published an article about five sensational, unusual and funny cases of secret mining with the help of “official” equipment. Among them was an episode in which employees of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in the closed city of Sarov in the Nizhny Novgorod region attempted to use the most powerful computers in Russia to mine cryptocurrencies. Source:

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