The world’s first crypto bike was created in the UK

The company “50 Cycles” has created the world’s first crypto-bicycle. During the movement, its owner can mine the LoyalCoin currency.

An unusual bicycle was introduced to the company’s 15th anniversary. Mining LoyalCoin occurs using the pedal drive Toba. The leaders of the “50 Cycles” claim that this drive is the first tokenized product, capable of paying the bicycle owner for its use.

bikeThanks to a special application, you can see the process of mining. It only needs to be installed on the smartphone. For one mile (1.61 kilometers) you can earn 20 pounds (26.56 dollars). LoyalCoin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, or pay for purchases via the Internet. The first crypt-bicycles will be available in September. Source:

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