The world’s first TV with the cryptocurrency mining function

The world’s first TV with the crypto-currency mining function has been developed. AvalonMiner Inside has the function of cryptocurrency mining and the manufacturer of the equipment is Canaan Creative. The device is equipped with a display diagonal of 109 inches, artificial intelligence and the voice control ability.

The power of the TV is 2.8 trillion hashes per second. Units which are measuring the computing power of devices or special equipment used for the purpose of the crypto currency mining. The most productive systems for today differ by an indicator of 11 trillion hash / s. Cryptocurrency, mined when watching television, can be used exclusively to purchase entertainment content or physical goods through the Internet platform Canaan. This is due to the fact that the acquisition and sale of crypto-currency is prohibited in China. Mining still remains formally resolved, but the authorities of the country report on possible prohibitions and restrictions.

Among other functions, developers note the ability to ensure profitability of bitcoin mining online. The company believes that the TV opens a completely new era of mining, when equipment can simultaneously be used as a home appliances. The company plans to release other devices that have a connection in the form of a single blockchain system.

watchingCanaan Creative intends to initiate sales of its own TV with the ability to mine cryptocurrency in August this year. The price of the equipment is not indicated. Most likely, the price will not become budgetary. In 2017, the company sold almost 300,000 Avalon PCs for mining. The cost of these devices is $ 1.625 thousand, but the TV has much less power, so the cost will be slightly lower.

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